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Stock Market Analysis: 05/27/10

Do they? Well looking at the currencies we see the US dollar jumping at the moment of US data release which and then fizziling out as there were no aspects then, and then later losing ground to the harder aspects. The US trendy boutique market also is under pressure with the harder aspects in the morning. I have found that US currency will follow the aspects more, and in turn effect the US stock market more, than a larger component of the index trying to lead the market in the opposite direction to the US dollar. Now the NASDAQ showing where its at on the Relative Strength Index being at 58.31 percent, as these Relative Strength Index’s on all three boards will still see them declining due to the MACDs. Obviously with Mars hard aspects being abundant, when there are hard aspects in the horary aspects, the down swings are very strong, but the aspects of the moment are most important. It appears pretty thin on aspects, with a gap, and then the aspects get mixed, but the hards being a little more focused. If you look at the aspects below for the AM EU (07-11), you will see that there are more soft aspects until 10. Now take a look at the Euro, it rose to 1.2345. Then we had some hard aspects, and the Euro fell, and the Dax stayed flat.


In effect, this improves your metabolism not only you will have more energy to become more active; this will also contribute in weight loss. PM EU (11-16) and AM US had more hards, which dropped the Euro until the US started, and the US stock markets fell, and the US dollar which had risen with the falling Euro to 1.2280, fell to 1.2305 in the early moments of US trading. The Euro fell with the same hards to 1.2075 from 1.2133. A set of softs in early US trading lifted the US stock markets a bit. The softs became less focused and the stock markets drifted lower and paused just before the hard aspects appeared at Noon US, and the Nasdaq was off as much as 0.6%. Again the softer aspects buoyed the markets and lifted them 0.2%, but the hard aspects near the close dragged the markets to close at the low of the day.


Now look at the aspects in the PM EU or AM US. Don’t miss out! Simply click the link below to grab your free copy and discover all 5 of these stocks now. It had business relationships with Fukuda Denshi selling electrocardiogram recording paper and renting out office space. The aim is to provide the valuation of the savings by selling it when the value is increased by having investment tools at a low price. The MACDs on the S & P 500 with the red line having a gain by -4.12 on the blue line. That was the signal showing indication that the red line was beginning to pull all three of the US stock market boards down. Indicating that the NASDAQ board is in a decline until the blue can take over the red line to once again start driving the three US stock market boards back up. Examining the chart from on the DOW with the latest performance on the MACDs are showing after the stock board has closed January 4th,2021. By checking the Relative Strength Index against the DOW as it has fallen down to 54.96 percent, except that the red line on the MACDs has a gain by -30.09 on the blue line.


A chart of the Dax for the morning reveals that the Dax was under a little pressure, and did make an effort to go up. Hard aspects near Noon GMT dropped the Dax, after a listless morning. There were some soft aspects around 15-16, and they seemed to have helped to break the US stock market out of the dull morning trading. In the 2020 third-quarter results, HSBC posted revenues of $11.9 billion – 11% lower than the year-ago period, mainly driven by a 15% y-o-y drop-in net interest income, partially offset by growth in trading revenues. The stock on the weekly time frame has been in trading in the Parallel descending channel since the inception of the stock price. During the middle of December we had called coming from the data information that the high range was set for January 4th, 2021. For the time frame on the longest in this correction to begin and so going through this week we are still looking at the three US stock markets to go through these declines.