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Shidafzan: Financial Management (Chapter 18: Working Capital Management)

Why? Not only has Couche trendy boutique been kept lower due to the broader market rotation out of pandemic-resilient defensives, but it seems like many are growing impatient with the firm, given it hasn’t been active as it could have been with its massive cash and credit position. stocks can fulfill the function that bonds can’t and give you some decent upside, especially given the decline in so many higher yielding pieces of paper, led by the walloping in the utilities. 2015 is not likely to be the unlucky 13th year given the strong momentum backdrop this year. Ryan Detrick showed that we have seen a 12 year streak of positive returns for the final 30 days of the year. March 5, 2020 – The S&P 500 soared yesterday but the stock market futures are pointing to a lower open The stock market has seen massive panic and selling around news of the Coronavirus which has seen a very low spread in the USA.


The month started well but concern over the spread of Wuhan coronavirus virus dominated market fears towards the end of the month. In one way, Old St. Nick may have left a present for the bulls under the tree as the recent sell-off has left the market oversold. My preferred breadth metrics remain neutral to positive (see my recent post Don’t worry about bad breadth for a discussion on my interpretation of breadth). Sent out a bullish Whatsapp alert for Capitaland this morning when I see smart money eating up the shares and as of now, Capitaland is trading at 3.65 where price had already risen. Assuming that the FOMC does raise rates in December, the USD may very well see a reflex rally evaporate should Yellen makes it clear, as she is likely to, that the trajectory of future rate hikes will be slow and shallow. In the past, copper prices have tended to rally whenever the 10-day ROC hit -10% (marked by the vertical blue lines). The chart below shows past instances of the market has hit the Trifecta (vertical red lines, triggered all three conditions) or the Exacta (blue vertical lines, two of three) in the last three years.